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 In order to work color pigments...

In order to work color pigments clearly and precisely into the skin, a high qualitiy PMU needle is required. A permanent make-up session would never be possible without the right needle modules.
Due to a membrane and super sharp PMU needles, the finest lines can be conjured. A stabilizer ensures flawless pigmentation and precise lines. The case is made out of medical plastic. This reduces the friction between the needle and the case, so that the permanent make-up needle can slide over the skin.

Quickly and easily exchangeable PMU needle modules allow a great workflow during a permanent make-up session.

In our stock, you will surely find the perfect size to either draw very thin hairs or thick outlines. In addition, the PMU hygiene modules are suitable for all common permanent make-up machines.

We attach great importance to only offering you needle cartridges that have been manufactured under strict hygiene and quality standards. As a result, all permanent make-up needle modules are sterile and in single packages.

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