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 The core of each permanent make-up...

The core of each permanent make-up machine is the handpiece.The right grip and comfortable handling are essential features, if you are looking for a good PMU handpiece. A tired wrist is just one of the possible consequences of an unsuitable handpiece. The handpiece should be as light and comfortable as possible, because you want to achieve an ideal result even in a long permanent make-up session. The built-in motor should also provide the desired performance over a long period of treatment. Permanent make-up machines, whose handpieces promise a calm and low-vibration work, are very popular.

The PMU manufacturers that we have selected offer reliable and powerful permanent make-up handpieces as well as a stable motor.

These manufacturers attach great importance to the fact that the permanent make-up handpieces produce accurate and clearly separated punctures. All of the PMU handpieces that you will find in our product selection are technologically and ergonomically state-of-the-art.

Our primary goal is to provide you with high quality products. Because of that, we pay great attention which PMU products fit into our product line.

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