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  This Round Liner Needle is...

This Round Liner Needle is particularly well suited for the very finest hair drawing and fine contours.

High quality PMU needle modules for all types of permanent make up.

The Venuelle Lambda PMU cartridges are the revolution for permanent make-up applications.
Fine, soft and absolutely precise lines are easier than ever to create thanks to a membrane, super-sharp needles and a stabilizer. A robust housing, made of medical-grade plastic, reduces friction between the needle and housing, ensuring a smooth workflow. Designed from polished surgical steel, PMU needles take permanent makeup to the next level. Manufactured to the highest standards of quality and hygiene, these PMU needle modules ensure outstanding results.

Whether it's a hairs technique, full lip marking or other types of permanent makeup, these needle modules ensure clean pigmentation, precise lines and exceptional color flow.

The following hygiene modules feature the same attachments as the Bayonette hygiene modules:
iBeauty hygiene modules, Digital Revo needles.

Each PMU needle module is supplied individually packaged in blister packaging.


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