Differences PMU and Tattoo

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Differences PMU and Tattoo - Tattoo and Permanent Make Up - Which are the differences?


Most clients in the PMU industry prefer natural and beautiful eyebrows. They usually come to the PMU artist with the wish to have thick and very dark eyebrows. The so-called "tattoo eyebrows" also have little to do with aesthetics and fine hair techniques.


The artistic craft

Permanent make-up is, strictly speaking, a type of tattooing. This is because in both tattooing and pigmentation, colour pigments are worked into the skin with a needle. This is of course very irritating when it comes to the fact that the result should in no way resemble a tattoo brow. The difference lies in the details as well as in the equipment. With permanent make-up, the needle penetrates less deeply into the skin and is worked into the upper layers; furthermore, less colour is used overall than with tattooing. In the PMU sector, extremely thin needles are used to make the finest hair drawings or shading. In addition, the durability of the pigmentation is much shorter than that of a tattoo. Tattoos remain anchored under the skin for life, unless you want to remove them with a laser treatment. Permanent make-up, on the other hand, lasts between two and three years, as the colour pigments are broken down over time and with each skin renewal process. Because of this, the permanent make-up fades. This process also happens with a tattoo, but the colour "only" fades. This is due to the fact that with tattoos, the deposits of the colour pigments are anchored deeper in the skin. In order to achieve the desired filigree and fine results, cosmetic tattooing, i.e. the art of permanent make-up, is recommended in the area of the face. With the various techniques of the PMU industry, stunning and fascinating works of beauty art can be created with just a few hand movements.



Aesthetics and Natural

The art of permanent make-up is directed at eyebrows, eyelids and lips. In most cases, it is desired to optimise the various zones so that a natural and harmonious overall appearance is created as a result.

Eyebrows are either completely recreated or filled in using a fine technique. There are two techniques. On the one hand there is fine hair drawing (drawing lines) and on the other hand coordinated shading (Ombré Brows, Shading Brows). In order to emphasise the aesthetics of the face, the colours chosen should be as natural as possible.

Eye permanent make-up is the thickening of the lash line or the drawing of an eyelid line. In this way, the eyelashes are reconstructed and appear more splendid and beautiful. Eye permanent make-up is often used as decorative cosmetics in the area of the eyes, because it makes the eyes look impressively fuller, more radiant and at the same time more awake.

Permanent make-up is also popular in the lip area. Here, the shape of the lips, but also the lip colour, can be intensified and emphasised using the right techniques. Here too The contours or the filling of the lips can be made more voluminous by shading and drawing lines. As a result, permanent make-up has a positive effect in many different areas.


PMU and the positive effects

  • Adjustments according to type
  • Underlining and emphasising the eyebrows, eyes or lips
  • Compensation of asymmetries
  • Cosmetics with longer hold
  • Replacement of conventional make-up
  • Reduces the time needed for the daily make-up routine
  • Smudge and waterproof

Paramedical Micro Pigmentation

In this case, mostly reconstruction after an illness or a surgical intervention is meant. After these fates, most of those affected feel humiliated and have little self-confidence. For this reason, one wants to help them with Micro Pigmentation so that they can feel better again. Eyebrows and eyelashes are reconstructed by Paramedical Pigmentation in cases of cancer and chemotherapy, but also in cases of alopecia (total hair loss). Furthermore, nipples can also be reconstructed exactly after removal and thus restored true to nature. In addition, scar tissue or stretch marks can be concealed and altered areas of skin can be readjusted.


Hair pigmentation

Especially in the case of hair transplants, the missing areas are readjusted by means of small and punctual pigmentation. The fullness of the hair is thus visually simulated.
The diversity of the permanent make-up sector is thus very wide-ranging and encompasses the perfection of aesthetics in the beauty sector. Therefore, it is all the more important to inform oneself beforehand and not to be guided by extremely cheap offers. Because permanent make-up has its price and everyone who wants an impressive and excellent result should be aware of this. who wants an impressive and excellent result.