Foot switch

  A foot switch gives your permanent...

A foot switch gives your permanent make-up machine the required stability. It ensures that the PMU machine runs smoothly and without any interruptions. An anti-slip pad and a corrugated surface guarantee you an excellent hold during the cosmetic treatment.

Due to the 360 degree function, the PMU foot switch can be operated from any direction. A further connection allows you to work with two permanent make-up machines at the same time. Because of an ergonomic shape and 2-component contruction, the PMU foot switch is extremely resistant and robust.

If you don't want to be restricted in your movement, you should use a wireless PMU foot switch.

In our PMU product range you will also find light and small switches that are extremely space-saving and ideal for mobile permanent make-up artists. An integrated stand-by mode makes your permanent make-up foot switch last long.

The surfaces have a special design that they can be cleaned easily to fulfill the mainly hygiene standards.

In our shop, you will find matching foot switches for all PMU machines and power supplies.

The permanent make-up foot switches from Critical offer you...
Slipping off the foot switch during a permanent make-up session...

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