Microblading vs. Machine

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Microblading vs. Machine - Microblading or machine permanent make up?


Before getting into the permanent makeup business, it is important to understand the difference between microblading and machine permanent makeup.

Probably some clients are not aware that there is more than one PMU method. Therefore, it is important to know each type of treatment. This way the customer can be sure that he understands the treatment which will be applied.
However, not every artist offers both methods, so be prepared for questions from the client.


What exactly is microblading?


In microblading, the main hand tool is a microblade with many tiny, sharp needles. This blade is attached to a kind of pen. The treatment has been around for several years and is really popular because this technique is the best way to create the natural look of individual hair strokes. However, currently this method is limited only to eyebrows.
However, microblading is not suitable for every client. If the client has somewhat oily skin, the pigments can fade much faster and regular touch-up appointments are necessary.
The more touch-ups you do, the higher the risk of scar tissue forming due to constant cutting.


Machine method


In micropigmentation which is done with the machine, the pigment is brought under the skin with the help of a motor and needle modules. Unlike traditional tattoo machines, PMU machines inherently have a lower frequency to promote more precise results.
Due to the versatility of this technique, this newer method has quickly gained popularity in recent years. With this application method, you are also not "tied" to just one area, here you can make any customer happy. With the right module, you can treat lips, eyeliner, scalp, eyebrows, etc.

However, not every customer is directly convinced by this method, because they prefer a finer result. Especially when you hear about so-called "accidents", most customers are somewhat put off by very strong and angular eyebrows.
However, soft and subtle brow strokes are also possible with a machine.
Another important consideration is the cost with a machine. In particular, if you have chosen a high-quality machine from a trusted manufacturer, the price is a deterrent at first. It may not be directly in the budget of a beginner but in the long run it is an investment for your profession and career.



Which method should newcomers start with?


Some newbies start with the microblading method, because here you can focus on the eyebrow application much easier. Of course, the starter budget may also play a role here.
When choosing a training course, it is important to do thorough research before you decide on a course.

If any questions arise about the particular methods, feel free to contact us at any time!