Microblading vs. Microshading - Differences and similarities

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Microblading vs. Microshading - Differences and similarities - Microblading and Microshading - create the perfect eyebrows


Eyebrows, in their shape and density, have a huge impact on how we perceive a face. They are the most prominent feature on a person's face. That's why it's important to get the perfect look for your eyebrows. A look that is not only trendy, but also suits your own face. Since not everyone has an ideal shape and color or is blessed with a full brow area, microblading or microshading was developed.


What is the difference between microblading and microshading?

While in microblading, individual hairs are first precisely scratched into the skin with a fine blade and then filled with color, in microshading, the accurate drawing of hairs can be combined with powdery shades and color gradients with the help of a special pen applicator. This creates a modern 3D effect that makes the hairs appear even more natural and real.


The 3 methods of microblading


Classic Microblading

In the classic method, very fine lines are scratched into the skin with a sharp and fine scalpel, a so-called microblade. PMU color is then applied to the lines and removed after the appropriate time.


Diamond Microblading

The eyebrows are pigmented as desired using a suitable tool with a finely ground diamond at its tip. The permanent make-up is not done with a PMU machine, but by hand. The conventional PMU needle is also replaced by a diamond. This variation of permanent make-up reduces the pain on the one hand and creates a natural look on the other.


Combination method

This method uses a mixture of blade and diamonds to achieve a particularly natural result in the PMU treatment. Finer pigmentation is applied over the inner corner of the eye, while the intensity increases more at the back of the arch.


The 3 variations of microshading


Powder Brows Variation

In this variation, the eyebrows are subject to a powdery shading that makes them appear as if they were actually created with a stencil and brow powder. The Powder Brows method provides gentle contouring that can conceal gaps due to scars or plucking errors.


Ombré Brows Variation

First, a contour is pigmented, which makes the eyebrows look more defined. Then, shades of light and dark are tattooed to create a natural color gradient. Darker PMU pigments are used at the back and the drawn hairs become lighter and lighter towards the front.


Microshading Variation

PMU treatment, microblading is carried out in which accurate lines are pigmented into the top layer of skin. In addition, shading is added to create a powdery effect. This gives the eyebrows more depth and naturalness.

Eyebrows are a science in themselves. That is why many PMU artists have specialised in the field of microblading and microshading. Both methods are ideal for pigmenting the eyebrows and have proven themselves in the world of permanent make-up. This is how you give your customers an expressive look. Do you already know the eyebrow colors from Perma Blend? Here you will find the ideal brown tones for creative expression and to conjure up naturally beautiful and long-lasting results for your clients. and long-lasting results.