Power Supply for PMU Machines

2022-05-24 12:11:00 / Body Cult Beauty / Comments 0
Power Supply for PMU Machines - How to power my permanent makeup machine?


Whether you're a beginner or skilled, it can be very confusing when it comes to how to properly power one permanent makeup machine or another. Just because there are so many options we'd like to help you out a bit.


Permanent Make-Up Machine:


All machines need a power supply to run them - the machines we offer most are powered by a separate power supply unit (this is usually available to buy separately, but is also available from us as a set to go with the machine). Cordless machines are also an option. These devices contain a battery that is attached to the machine. But we will go into this in more detail later!


Which power supply is the right one?


Which power supply you choose usually depends on your preferences. Depending on which power supply you have already used during training or if you have already noticed a power supply online.

User-friendly control:
Always an advantage when the PSU is super easy to use. More complex controls would be time consuming and not beneficial during treatment. A clear voltage display: You want your power supply to clearly display the voltage it is running at so you can make accurate adjustments when needed.

Compatibility with your machine:
Always check in advance if the power supply you buy is compatible with your machine. The majority of power supplies we carry are compatible with most machines. However, if you are unsure, you are always welcome to ask us! For the connection between machine and power supply you only need the suitable connection cable and if necessary a foot switch - cable is needed in most cases with RCA connection. However, there are machines like the "Bellar" which have a different connection. Suitable cables + adapters are available in our store.


Cable or Wireless?


The latest technological advances indicate that more and more artists have just now the opportunity to switch to wireless power supplies. With the usual power supplies, a separate connection cable is always needed to supply your device with power. However, this is usually not included in the delivery and must be purchased separately. In our store, however, we offer suitable bundles!

As already mentioned, most machines and power supplies are connected with an RCA cable. Cheyenne or Microbeau, however, have other connections. Suitable cables and adapters can be found in our store. All Cheyenne machines come with a 3.5 mm cable and a 6.3 mm adapter, so there is no need for an additional adapter to connect the handpieces to their power supply like the PU IV. The most popular power supplies are from Critical, the Atom X and Atom X-R. From color changing voltage indicators to a jump start mode for hard to power machines, these power supplies have on indispensable features. In addition, these power supplies offer 2 connections for operating multiple permanent makeup machines. However, many artists have already acquired a taste for cordless power supplies. These so-called Power Bolts from Darklab or Battery Packs from Critical can be easily connected to the respective machine. Before buying, however, always check whether the respective battery is compatible with the design of your machine. The Lightning Bolt from Darklab fits, for example, without problems in the Xion S.

While from Critcal the Battery Packs fit on any PMU machine. These Universal Battery Packs are also available with a 3.5 mm RCA connector, making them compatible with almost any rotary PMU machine as well. The cordless version definitely offers more freedom, but may be a bit unfamiliar at first. Most of the wireless batteries are also available in a double pack, so the unused battery can be fully charged during the treatment and is ready for use if the first battery runs out of power.

If you are not sure which power supply is compatible with which machine, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be glad to help!