Tattoo Colors for PMU? - These are the differences

2022-05-24 12:02:00 / Body Cult Beauty / Comments 0
Tattoo Colors for PMU? - These are the differences - Tattoo Colors for Permanent Makeup - is this possible?


To achieve natural results that fade naturally after a while, special PMU pigments have been developed which are safe to use on sensitive skin. Here are the 3 main differences between tattoo ink and permanent makeup ink:

  1. ingredients
  2. composition
  3. application


PMU pigments and tattoo ink are very similar in some basic ingredients. However, to reduce the risk of allergic reactions, the ingredients are very strictly regulated.Not to forget: The skin on the face is much more sensitive compared to other areas. A large part of the permanent pigments are based on iron oxide. This is an ingredient that is well known in the cosmetics industry. This pigment is considered to be one of the safest and most stable. In addition, this is non-toxic and allergic reactions are hardly known.



PMU pigments are much less concentrated than tattoo ink. This means that tattoo colors are much stronger, brighter and sharper. Permanent makeup pigments contain much smaller particles which makes the result of a treatment appear smoother. This is also one of the main reasons why, unlike tattoo ink, PMU pigments fade naturally over time.



Another difference between the two colors is the application. While tattoo ink is usually applied deep into the skin with rotary or coil machines, PMU artists usually only use a rotary machine. Thinner needles are also used here, which allows for increased precision. An alternative is microblading. This is a much gentler technique which reduces facial skin damage by quite a bit.