Tattoo colour in the PMU area? - These are the differences

2022-05-24 10:53:00 / / Comments 0
Tattoo colour in the PMU area? - These are the differences - Can tattoo colour also be used in the PMU area?

In order to achieve natural PMU results, special PMU pigments have been developed which can be safely applied to the sensitive skin on the face. We want to show you why you can't simply use tattoo colours for PMU by looking at the three main differences.


In principle, PMU and tattoo colours are very similar in their basic ingredients. In order to minimise the risk of an allergic reaction, ingredients are strictly regulated. It should also be remembered that the skin on the face is much more sensitive than on the arms or back, for example. Special PMU colours have been designed to meet precisely this requirement.


PMU pigments are less concentrated than tattoo colours. This means that tattoo colours are much stronger, brighter and sharper. Permanent make-up pigments contain smaller colour particles, which is why the result appears softer. The smaller particles also ensure that PMU colour fades naturally.


Another difference between PMU and tattoo colours is the application. While tattoo colours are usually tattooed deep into the skin using rotary or coil machines, PMU artists usually only use rotary machines. Thinner needles are also used, which enables greater precision. Microblading is an alternative. This is a much gentler technique that reduces facial skin injuries considerably.
Due to the sensitivity of the skin and the desired result, it is recommended that permanent make-up artists do not use normal tattoo colours. PMU colours are safer to use and have been carefully developed and formulated.