The ideal lighting for Microblading

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The ideal lighting for Microblading - Which lighting for Microblading?

A high-quality lamp not only helps the artist to see better, but also relieves the eyes at the same time. It is especially important to have a suitable lighting equipment at hand, because mircroblading is a highest precision with attention to detail demands. Such lamps are extremely useful not only during treatment. Artists can use these lamps to take perfectly lit photos for their portfolio. Deciding which lamp is the right one can be very difficult. That's why we present you the most popular products.


Floor lamps:



GLAMCOR - Work lamp - Multimedia X White - 66 cm - 144 cm


Create high-quality and professionally lit content with the GLAMCOR MULTIMEDIA X. This LED multimedia work lamp with universal phone clip is sleek, modern, compact and features cutting-edge technology. With Bluetooth selfie function and color temperature control, professional photos and videos can be taken with smartphone, tablet or camera. The media used can be charged throughout, thanks to the built-in USB charging port. The flexible and height-adjustable LED lights are perfect for precise beauty applications and perfectly illuminated work areas.



GLAMCOR - Working lamp - Classic Elite X - 75 cm - 160 cm


With the Classic Elite X, each of the two lamp heads has 168 color-neutral, cool LEDs. The light is dimmable in four levels (25%, 50%, 75% and 100%) via a convenient touch control on the lamp. With a performance time of at least 50,000 hours, the Classic Elite X from Glamcor Lights is one of the most reliable lights from this business. Thanks to its light weight of only 2 kg, Glamcor Classic Elite X solves a major lighting problem for portable, light and cold light in mobile use. Especially during PMU sessions, this light is popular because it doesn't need time to cool down, but can be packed and stowed away immediately after the work is done.



GLAMCOR - Working lamp - Ultra X - 75 cm x 160 cm


The Glamcor Ultra X with remote control is a world leader among its peers. It features a convenient and handy remote control that allows you to adjust warm and cool tones, by 256 shades of bright white LED light and five dimming levels. In addition, the Glamcor Ultra X has three memory functions that allow you to easily save the selected settings. ULTRA X is stylish, lightweight and easy to carry in the included carrying case. Thanks to its flexible arms, it can be illuminated from different angles for better visibility.



Ring lamp - Dimmable - 60 Watt LED - Height adjustable from 80 cm - 180 cm


We won't leave you in the dark! This ring light can be used for a variety of purposes. The brightness and the temperature of the light are individually adjustable at the back with rotary knobs - according to your needs! With the built-in cell phone tripod, perfect pictures and videos can be created with perfect sharpness and illumination. The ring light is height adjustable from 80 - 180 cm and can be aligned differently.


Table lamp:



GLAMCOR - Working Lamp - Reveal


The Glamcor Reveal Light is a very bright, single-arm daylight lamp with two brightness settings. The lamp emits a bright and cold light that does not distort the colors of the pigments and does not cause eye strain even during prolonged use. Due to its light weight of only 800 grams, this lamp is also ideal for traveling or PMU sessions. The flicker-free light with 5,600 k daylight quality makes it possible to view the work closely without causing unnecessary eye strain. Adjustable brightness makes this lamp suitable for any environment. You can adjust the respective lighting settings according to your preferences.

If you have any questions about any of these lamps or other items, please feel free to contact us at any time!