Venuelle Omega Cartridges - sets the standard

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Venuelle Omega Cartridges - sets the standard - Venuelle Omega Cartridges - Precise work and excellent results


From the finest hairs to powderbrows, every application area is covered with the high quality Venuelle Omega PMU cartridges. Our range offers different needle configurations for cosmetic tattooing as well as needle sizes to create the ideal conditions for every PMU artist. The Venuelle Omega PMU Cartridges are the revolution for the high art of Permanent Make Up. Clean pigmentation, precise lines and exceptional colour flow. With the new Venuelle Omega PMU Cartridges it is easier than ever to bring the art of Permanent Make Up under the skin. Fine, soft and absolutely hair-sharp lines and shading are now even easier to create thanks to the membrane, super-sharp needles and stabiliser. Using the best surgical steel, they also keep trauma to a minimum. This means less damage to the client's skin and consequently less bleeding. The result is rich, long-lasting colour and satisfied customers.



The advantages of the new needle modules at a glance:

  • Microblading-like hairs with long-lasting and proven better results on all skin types!
  • Powerful shading: more colour application with fewer passes and less hand pressure.
  • Nano needles with a diameter of 0.18 mm compared to 0.4 mm in the normal slope needle module
  • Optimised pigment flow for more colour-intensive lines

Which needles can you use for what?

Needle modules can be divided into two main families depending on their configuration:


Round and Flat

In Round modules, the needles are configured in a circle, whereas in Flat modules they are configured in a row.


Round family

Liners are used - as the name suggests - to create lines. With liners, the needles are close together in order to draw high-resolution and sharply defined lines. With shaders, the distances between the individual needles are generous. This way, the needles retain more colour and give a coarser, "pixelated" image. These are therefore suitable for powdery shades.


The Flat family

can also be divided into groups: Basic Flat is mostly used to create shades with different gradient effects. You can use them to create gloss effects on the lips, light dots or three-dimensional effects in the eyebrows. In contrast to the Magnum, they leave a more transparent mark.


Magnums, on the other hand, are flat needles arranged one above the other. They always consist of an odd number of needles, with the bottom part containing more needles than the top.


With Slope you create a more compact shade. This configuration consists of needles of different lengths in descending length. This way you create points with different intensities.


More information on the individual needle modules can be found in the respective product description.
Improve your PMU art now and order the high quality Omega Venuelle PMU cartridges!