Ever After Pigments - The Best Option for Cosmetic Pigments

2021-01-18 10:06:00 / Body Cult Beauty / Comments 0
Ever After Pigments - The Best Option for Cosmetic Pigments - The Best Cosmetic Pigments - EVER AFTER

The interest in cosmetic treatments is getting bigger and with it the cosmetic industry is growing.The demand for high-
quality PMU pigments is increasing. The question that arises is which manufacturer supplies the best color pigments.
After all, you can find some PMU pigments on the market that do not deliver what they promise. However, especially
in the field of permanent cosmetic tattoos, the quality of the products should not be lacking.


What distinguishes the color pigments from Ever After Pigments?

Based on the formula for tattoo colors, Ever After Pigments has developed PMU colors, which are adapted for Permanent
Make Up application. Ever After Pigments have undergone years of medical testing, before they were made available to the
public. Among other things, intensive research was conducted on breast cancer patients. Their nipples had been affected
by radiation and could be restored with the help of Ever could be reconstructed with the aid of Ever After pigments. The
primary goal was to achieve 100 percent satisfactory results in order to continue to ensure that the PMU pigments would
suit every skin type. In addition, the manufacturer for PMU pigments follows the strict standards and wants to establish
these standards in the permanent make-up industry. The pigments incorporate the founders' knowledge of over 35 years
of experience in permanent cosmetics, NAC reconstruction and body tattooing. What began as a product for machine use
is now an integral part of the microblading industry. The color stability and longevity of PMU color pigments is outstanding
and delivers fantastic results. With the PMU pigments from Ever After Pigments, touch-ups are only necessary to a which
has the advantage that the skin is less traumatized and can therefore heal better.



What are the properties of Ever After color pigments?

  • The PMU pigments have a high color intensity and luminosity.
  • The Ever After Pigments are sterile PMU color pigments.
  • The PMU pigments consist of organic contents.
  • They are free from animal testing and vegan.
  • PMU colors manufactured in the USA.

The PMU industry is constantly evolving and so the team at Ever After Pigments wants to evolve as well. Therefore, they are
always striving to improve and innovate their PMU pigments.


Check out the intensely bright colors from Ever After Pigments here.