Whether you're a beginner or skilled, it can be very confusing when it comes to how to properly power one permanent makeup machine or another. Just because there are so many options we'd like to help you out a bit.


To achieve natural results that fade naturally after a while, special PMU pigments have been developed which are safe to use on sensitive skin.


A high-quality lamp not only helps the artist to see better, but also relieves the eyes at the same time. It is especially important to have a suitable lighting equipment at hand, because mircroblading is a highest precision with attention to detail demands. Such lamps are extremely useful not only during treatment. Artists can use these lamps to take perfectly lit photos for their portfolio. 


Before getting into the permanent makeup business, it is important to understand the difference between microblading and machine permanent makeup.


A very frequently asked question. For the perfect eyebrow treatment, there are a few points to consider when choosing needle modules or pigments.


The Venuelle Omega PMU Cartridges are the revolution for the high art of Permanent Make Up. Clean pigmentation, precise lines and exceptional colour flow.


Most clients in the PMU industry prefer natural and beautiful eyebrows. They usually come to the PMU artist with the wish to have thick and very dark eyebrows. The so-called "tattoo eyebrows" also have little to do with aesthetics and fine hair techniques.


Eyebrows, in their shape and density, have a huge impact on how we perceive a face. They are the most prominent feature on a person's face. That's why it's important to get the perfect look for your eyebrows. A look that is not only trendy, but also suits your own face. Since not everyone has an ideal shape and color or is blessed with a full brow area, microblading or microshading was developed.


You want to enter the beauty business and beautify your own customers with permanent make-up in a beauty studio? 


Full and luxurious eyebrows, beautiful plump eyelashes and unique lips are seen more and more often, with stars and starlets leading the way.