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PMU colours are colourful, versatile and can be applied to sensitive facial skin. But what are the main differences?


How do you actually light your PMU studio properly and what light can you use to take the best Instagram pictures?


Unsure which power supply you need for your machine and what you need to pay attention to? We'll check it out.


You want to enter the beauty business and beautify your own customers with permanent make-up in a beauty studio? 


Full and luxurious eyebrows, beautiful plump eyelashes and unique lips are seen more and more often, with stars and starlets leading the way.


Beauty can be calculated mathematically - at least when it comes to the golden cut. 


The interest in cosmetic treatments is getting bigger and with it the cosmetic industry is growing. The demand for high quality PMU pigments is increasing.


Meanwhile, there are a variety of PMU needles of different types and sizes on the market. It is not at all not so easy to keep the overview.


Unique colors with intense and long-lasting color results. The art of pigmentation has been booming for a few years and is just as trendy as the tattoo industry. Permanent make-up is exactly the same as a tattoo.

Total entries: 9