The optimum PMU lighting

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The optimum PMU lighting - PMU Studio lighting

Your studio should be optimally lit so that you can pigment the finest eyebrow hairs. But you also need the perfect light for the subsequent Instagram photo. We'll now tell you which lamps are best for this.


A high-quality lamp not only helps the artist to see better, but also relieves the strain on the eyes. It is particularly important to have suitable lighting to hand, as PMU requires the highest precision with great attention to detail.

GLAMCOR - work lamp:

The GLAMCOR Ultra X with remote control is a real front-runner worldwide. The lamp has a practical remote control that allows you to choose between warm and cool tones. You can choose between 256 shades of bright white LED light and five dimming levels.

The GLAMCOR Ultra X also has three memory functions that make it easy to save the selected settings. The lamp is super lightweight and is also very easy to transport thanks to the carrying bag supplied. The flexible arms also help you to always find the best angle for the best lighting.

Each of the two lamp heads of the GLAMCOR Classic Elite X has 168 colour-neutral, cold LEDs. The light of this lamp can be dimmed in four stages (25%, 50%, 75% and 100%) using a convenient touch control on the lamps. With a service life of at least 50,000 hours, the Classic Elite X is one of the most reliable lights.
At just 2 kg, it is also as light as a feather, making it ideal for use as a mobile light. The light is ideal for conventions in particular.
Do you want to optimise the lighting in your studio? Then there's no way around the SWAVGO studio lighting with double arm. A total of 224 LEDs are available and you can choose between warm and cool light. The brightness can be dimmed continuously between 1% and 100% as required.
The robust stand can be extended from a minimum of 92 cm to a maximum of 190 cm. Thanks to the three feet, the lamp always has a secure hold. The shoulder bag supplied is perfect for taking the lamp on tour.
Bright, brighter - the SWAVGO 14-inch panel lamp. A total of 320 LED bulbs are available for your studio and provide optimum light.
You can vary the colour temperature of the 50W LED lamp from warm to cold and continuously dim the brightness from 1%-100% as required.
The lamp has an aluminium tripod and ensures a stable stand.


Need a little more light? Then the table lamp with smartphone holder from SWAVGO might be just the thing for you.
The lamp with 6-inch ring light and a total of 48 LED bulbs can be easily attached to a table or wider surfaces using a table clamp. Thanks to the mobile phone holder, you can easily film your PMU session or even stream it live.
With the GLAMCOR Reveal Light, you get a very bright, single-arm daylight lamp with two brightness settings.
The lamp emits a bright and cold light, which makes the colour of your freshly pigmented lips particularly radiant.
Thanks to its low weight of just 800 grams, the lamp is also ideal for travelling.