PMU beginner - become a specialist for Permanent Make-Up

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PMU beginner - become a specialist for Permanent Make-Up - PMU beginners - the way into the beauty business

You want to enter the beauty business and beautify your own customers with permanent make-up in a beauty
studio? In the following, we will explain to you what is important in this profession and what your future chances


What exactly is permanent make-up?

Surely you've already read up on it in advance, but in case you haven't or you're still a little unclear about what
exactly permanent make-up is, here's a brief definition for you. Permanent make-up, or PMU for short, are
permanent cosmetic tattoos that are mainly applied to the face. However, cosmetic treatments are also
performed on other areas of the skin, such as the nipples or scalp. Actually, permanent make-up is used
everywhere where unsightly areas are to be concealed or a permanent make-up is to replace the daily
make-up. In contrast to conventional tattooing, permanent make-up lasts only a few years, depending
on the condition of the skin. It fades over time due to constant UV radiation and may need to be touched
up later. The advantage is that a new shape and color can be incorporated at a later date. Using a thin
needle, PMU color pigments are worked into the skin surface millimeter by millimeter. The areas of
application for PMU are very versatile and varied.


What are your career prospects?

The beauty industry is an in-demand profession. Many people have a passionate interest in beauty and the
demand for cosmetic treatments is constantly growing. After all, in a world where outward appearance can
determine future success, more and more people are going for a fresh natural look that lasts. Most of the
beauty studios are nail salons and cosmetic studios, followed by eyelash studios and last but not least there
are PMU studios. For PMU studios, the competition is low unlike the other beauty specialists. To be successful
as a PMU artist, you need a good education. This is how you become a specialist in your industry, because not
many dare to take the step into the permanent makeup business. For a PMU you can usually charge significantly
more than for an eyelash lift or a treatment of the nails. Thus, you have the opportunity to earn more money,
even though you are you work less compared to the other beauty industries. Your skills set you apart from the
others, because you can do something that only a few can do. This pays off in the end. Beauty studios with a
focus on Permanent Make Up and Microblading are among the most lucrative treatments in the beauty industry.



What is the training process to become a PMU Artist?

There are a few training and continuing education options to get started in the PMU industry. Basic training will
teach you the basics of permanent makeup in general, the proper use of a PMU machine and the associated PMU
needle modules, and common pigmentation techniques. The content of the training includes, among other things,
an introduction to color theory. You will learn about different color and skin types and which PMU pigments are
used in individual cases. Furthermore, you will learn the basic knowledge of essential hygiene measures. Conducting
discussions with customers is also an important an important part of the training.


Contents of the PMU training:

  • Physiology of the human skin ➝ Skin layers, skin types, skin colors
  • Setting up the workplace ➝ required utensils, hygiene and disinfection, documentation
  • PMU device settings and PMU needle selection
  • Differences between various PMU needle modules and microblades
  • Color theory ➝ Components and composition of pigments
  • Sign technique and sign materials
  • Correct hand position/ hand guidance
  • Pigmentation techniques ➝ Contours, full drawing, shading
  • Correct care after pigmentation
  • Psychological aspects ➝ Dealing with customers, customer advice


Practice makes perfect

To ensure that the knowledge you have gained about pigmentation techniques is firmly anchored in your memory,
it helps to practice diligently. It does you no good to be able to apply your acquired knowledge in theory, but not
in practice. It's best to start pigmenting on suitable practice skins before going to the client. Sooner or later, when
you have worked out your skills, you can venture out to your first client. Models are quickly found if you first make
a favorable offer and inform them that this is an introductory price. Make an appointment directly for follow-up
work, so that you can draw conclusions about the permanent make-up you have done.


How do potential clients become aware of you?

There is almost no business that can do without social media. Therefore, it would make sense to set up a homepage,
Facebook page and Instagram account. On these platforms you can present your work in a before/after comparison
and thus increase your reach.

The profession of PMU artist requires a lot of dexterity, a lot of practice, a high customer orientation and the necessary
understanding of hygiene. But once you get your footing in this field, it's certainly rewarding.