Perma Blend - PMU pigmentation at the highest level

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Perma Blend - PMU pigmentation at the highest level - PMU pigmentation with Perma Blend


Unique colors with intense and long-lasting color results.

The art of pigmentation has been booming for a few years now and is just as trendy as the tattoo industry. Permanent
Make Up is, strictly speaking, nothing more than a tattoo. Ultra thin and very precise needles are used for this, the so-
called hygienic needles or microblades. Furthermore, the needles of PMU art penetrate only superficially into the skin,
whereas in tattoos the color pigments are deposited in the middle layer of the skin (dermis).

In PMU pigmentation, mineral or synthetic color pigments are incorporated into the surface of the skin. For this reason,
only flawless colors should be used. The colors should be tested tested in laboratories to ensure that they do not cause
allergies or other damage.

This is where Perma Blend stands out from the crowd!

Perma Blend is one of the leading pigment brands in the PMU industry for permanent make-up and micro-pigmentation.
Although Perma Blend has only been on the market since 2014, it is already at the top of the in the high quality premium
segment of PMU art. Because through the unique control and Certification of the color pigments, Perma Blend grants
safety and confidence to their colors and users. Moreover, these PMU color pigments are vegan-based and manufactured
in the USA without animal testing. Due to careful manufacturing, certification and control procedures, these PMU pigments
are also approved for the European market as well as for the German market.



Quality at the highest level!

With the colors of Perma Blend are thus pale eyebrows, narrow lips or unsightly scar tissue an end. Let yourself be
inspired and lend beautiful and dense eyebrows through the finest hair dense eyebrows. Shape lips with beautiful
contours for more volume or conceal scar tissue. Permanent make-up is an art of craftsmanship, for which the
selection of products should be a very special should be placed.


Convince yourself and click into the Perma Blend color pigments or explore our online store.