The golden cut - The formula for perfect eyebrows

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The golden cut - The formula for perfect eyebrows - Golden ratio - is beauty calculable?


Beauty can be calculated mathematically - at least when it comes to the golden cut. Even in ancient Greece, people
knew how to use the golden cut to impress people with aesthetically pleasing architecture. This formula can also
be found in nature. The leaves of plants, for example, follow exactly these aesthetic rules. Perhaps this is why
people respond so positively to the golden cut. Especially in the PMU industry, the measurement of eyebrows
according to this principle sets new standards. Everything that is in the golden section is perceived by the human
eye as particularly beautiful.


How is the golden section measured?


Step 1: The first step is to determine and mark the point where the inner corner of the eye and the wing of the
nose form a straight line. This mark is the starting point for the eyebrow.


Step 2: To determine the highest point of the brow, a line runs diagonally away from the wing of the nose and
along the side of the pupil.


Step 3: Find the end point by drawing a line sideways from the wing of the nose to the outer corner of the eye.


What are the advantages of symmetrical eyebrows?

Shaping the eyebrows using the golden cut offers several advantages. First of all, of course, the visual
enhancement of the appearance. Aesthetically beautiful eyebrows can enhance the expressiveness of
the expression and attractiveness of the face.



The golden cut is used for this purpose:

  • First and foremost, the golden cut provides an ideal basis for the planned microblading.

  • In addition, the formula of the golden cut serves to create a symmetrical appearance with the help of the
    appropriate PMU utensils.

  • During the permanent make-up, shaping the eyebrows compensates for faulty growth.

  • Bald spots can be ideally concealed by this formula and the appropriate PMU pigments.

  • Likewise, non-verbal communication platforms can be leveled through this, as the eyebrows form a large
    part of the facial expressions. Due to this, it is possible to communicate without words.

  • The right shape supports the PMU artist to perform his microblading precisely and to follow the contours
    of the brow. 

  • The customer is given more depth in the face by a permanent make-up with the formula of the golden section.

  • With this method of PMU, the eyes are beautifully accentuated.

Of course, beautiful eyebrows can also be achieved by plucking, but only in people who naturally have an ideal
growth. But in a large number of people this is not the case. Despite this, in order to achieve a beautiful sweep
and give the face an expressive look, the eyebrows can be permanently shaped with the help of permanent
make-up. Nowadays, flawless eyebrows are no longer a privilege. Thanks to modern techniques such as
microblading, anyone can optimize their eyebrows. It all depends on the right shape, which can easily be
achieved with the golden cut.

Suitable pre-drawing accessories for the golden section, such as a PMU circle or a fitting pre-drawing pencil,
can be found here.