So that your PMU machine starts smoothly, next...


So that your PMU machine starts smoothly, next to your handpiece and functional power, you will need a suitable cable. These specially made PMU cables are available in various lengths to guarantee a permanent make-up session without any problems.

Depending on which permanent make-up machine you use, you will find cables with RCA, DC and Cheyenne connections .

PMU cables, made of a robust cord material, are particularly reliable and durable. A silicone coating protects the cable from moisture and cracks and is very easy to clean. There are differences regarding to the degree of hardness: Soft silicone cables are characterized by flexibility, while hard silicone cables are very stable and their sheath is almost indestructible.

You have probably struggled with cables that curl up or even get tangled. Permanent make-up cables, which have a flattened shape, adapt to the edges of a table and prevent casual curling. With a self-adhesive clip cord holder, you can organize your workplace.

We only sell cables from leading global manufacturers that have previously been tested for functionality and service life.