Pigment Certificates

We care about what we sell you!

Our ultimate goal is to offer you a gigantic selection of different tattoo inks from top manufacturers. We therefore only carry tattoo inks that we can support and trust ourselves.

Since transparency is very important to us, you find certificates for all Permanent Make Up inks in our product portolio on this page.

The different documents you find here refer to the Permanent Make Up inks in our assortment and include Declarations of Conformity (ink certificates), heavy metal data sheets and safety data sheets (SDS).

Declarations of Conformity are communication documents from manufacturers in which they commit to producing their inks in accordance with applicable legal guidelines. For the sake of transparency, Permanent Make Up artists can provide their customers with these documents to prove that they are working with legal Permanent Make Up inks.

For Permanent Make Up artists heavy metal data sheets are a relevant source of information. With these documents heavy metals (e.g. nickel) determined in the laboratory or their non-existence can be proved. Based on these documents, customers who suffer from allergic reactions on Permanent Make Up inks can check out whether a pigmentation could be problematic for them.

Safety Data Sheets (SDS) are important for importers, distributors and shipping companies in case of accidents, fires and similar. These documents show what safety measures to take in the worst case scenario.

Click to download the full document package of the regarding pigment brand:
We have not yet received the necessary legal test reports from the manufacturer - As soon as we have those, we will start selling the pigments.