If you hope to achieve a permanently beautiful...


If you hope to achieve a permanently beautiful result from your permanent make-up, you cannot avoid proper care. Wrong or missing care can lead to damaged skin or an unattractive PMU result.

Here you will find, among other things, suitable creams and lotions that moisturize your skin and optimally support your permanent make-up.

The PMU skin care cream provides the optimal basis after permanent make-up treatment. It supports the skin during regeneration and helps to lock the inserted color pigments in the healthy skin and heal color-fast. Crust formation, as well as unpleasant tension, irritation and itching should be prevented.

PMU's professional permanent make-up care has been specially developed for the needs after permanent make-up and microblading treatment.
For smooth healing there are two products that can be used in combination or individually. Depending on the needs of the skin.

Our care recommendation: We recommend using PMU AKUT during the first two days of the treatment. On the following day and in the following week we recommend to continue the application with PMU CARE.

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