Eyebrows have a huge impact on how we observe...


Eyebrows have a huge impact on how we observe a face. Most people first pay attention to the eyes when they look at someone’s face. The eyebrows frame our eyes. Depending on the shape and density, eyebrows can emphasise the face. Not everyone has naturally thick or beautifully shaped eyebrows, so a permanent make-up can help.

Here you will find suitable PMU pigments, developed for pigmenting the eyebrows. If your customer has delicate facial features and lighter skin, then dark PMU pigments could create a nice contrast. But be careful: too high contrasts could look unnatural!

If you are looking for the right permanent make-up pigments, you should pay attention to 3 criteria for your PMU session. What is your customer's skin tone? Which color pigments are closest to the natural color of the eyebrows? Which PMU pigments go best with the natural hair color?

In any case, it is important that the natural look oft he eyebrows is retained.

If you can't find the right color, you can simply mix the permanent make-up pigments with one another.

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