RIKI Skinny by Glamcor, the most beautiful...


RIKI Skinny by Glamcor, the most beautiful mirror of all, will forever change the way you apply and photograph your makeup. The ultra-lightweight, rechargeable mirror is framed by a ring of adjustable HD daylight bulbs (with five dimming levels) that perfectly illuminate your complexion for makeup application and seamless selfies and videos. Simply place your phone in the included magnetic clip, connect it to the mirror via Bluetooth connection, and press the camera button on the mirror to capture perfect images - without awkward arms or fingers ruining your shot. You can also record video, adjust the mirror stand, and attach a magnifying mirror (included) to add fine detail.

The new member of the Glamcor family, the RIKI Super Fine Mirror is a compact and good-looking mirror with three brightness levels, a retractable finger ring, and a rechargeable battery so lighting problems are a thing of the past. So it's time for a close-up with the mirror, which has 5x magnification. The Riki Skinny Super Fine can either be mounted on its larger RIKI sister models or held up with the finger ring for optimal illumination. The mirror comes together with a micro USB cable, a portable soft case and a packaging box that resembles a jewelry box in design. You can expect a makeup mirror with perfect lighting both at home and on the go.

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