PMU Pigments

Anyone who has done a permanent make-up, hopes for a long-lasting and natural result. Every PMU artist appreciates an easy application and uncomplicated work into the skin. Those attributes should be a part of the ideal PMU pigments to bring happiness to its customer and as well to the artist.

All pigments of our product range can be mixed with one another, in order to achieve colors that are perfectly matching the idividual type. In our product selection you will only find permanent make-up pigments by Perma Blend, the number one brand in this category.
Due to a large color palette, composed of more than 50 different tones, there is nothing more to wish for. Unsightly scars and pigment spots belong to the past.

The color pigments made by Perma Blend are tested at a german CTL laboratory and are certified for the european and german market. All of our PMU pigments are vegan and free of animal testing. It is not only an act of kindness to yourself, it is a protection of our environment!

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