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 Of course, a suitable treatment...

Of course, a suitable treatment chair must not be missing in any PMU studio. Here we offer you some possibilities.

Our multi-functional talent can be used as a chair or couch as needed, which can be swiveled completely 360 ° and thus makes all parts of the body accessible to the artist.

Under the cover is an adjustable swivel foot to adjust the safe stand even on uneven surfaces.
A permanently mounted step on the floor provides a comfortable, secure stance for the client and the tattoo artist, not just for short sessions. The handle for swiveling and rotating the chair is made of stainless steel, for easy hygienic cleaning.

The height can be adjusted with a hydraulic foot pedal. Pressing up on the foot pedal engages the 360° side swivel function. With the help of a spring-loaded lever handle, the backrest can be adjusted horizontally to the reclining position or vertically to the sitting position. The headrest can also be separately adjusted in height, partially (e.g. for massage treatments) or completely removed.
Each armrest is triple adjustable in height, angle of inclination and support surface (for hand, upper and lower arm).
Each legrest can be adjusted outward and in the angle of inclination, and the individual, removable footrests can also be used to adjust the length.



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