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To protect the customer, as well as the PMU artist, you should therefore take the necessary protective measures and comply with mandatory hygiene standards. Moreover, the wrong or lack of care can lead to an undesirable permanent makeup result.

With the BAMBOO Skin Cleaning Wipes, not only impurities of any kind can be easily removed from Permanent Make Up or Semi-Permanent Make Up.
At the same time, the healing of the skin is supported by the bacteriostatic properties of the bamboo fiber fabric.

Studies on the medicinal properties of bamboo leaves have shown antioxidant, anti-cancer and antibiotic properties. These results suggest that the extracts of bamboo shoot skins, as well as the active compounds in the cells, are potentially useful as antibacterial materials.

Compared to wood, bamboo grows much faster and can be harvested after only 3-5 years. As a result, more paper can be produced on the same area and important forests can be preserved.

Wipe Outz are ready-to-use, sterilized, durable and absorbent dry wipes that can be used to easily wipe the skin during the treatment.
They are therefore a real alternative to traditional paper wipes.
The wipes are padded and made of interwoven biodegradable fibers that do not block the needles.
Wipe Outz grant a good absorption of the paint and provide a thorough cleaning of the skin.