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 PMU machines from Cheyenne are very...

PMU machines from Cheyenne are very popular for tattoo artists, but also for permanent make-up artists. The tattoo and PMU machine manufacturer supplies a wide range of high-quality PMU handpieces. Cheyenne is famous for its extremely high quality standard.

Cheyenne machines like the Sol Nova Pen & the Hawk Pen create incredible precision and accuracy. The PMU handpieces are perfectly balanced and thus they enable absolute control. The gentle handling makes working a lot easier. This guarantees hours of work under perfect conditions.

The designs, created by the PMU manufacturer Cheyenne, makes you feel of working with a real pen. The permanent make-up handpieces create impressive color saturation without irritating the skin.

Cheyenne attaches great importance to high-quality engines that are reliable and durable. It also ensures that the battery runs for a long time to guarantee a smooth work flow.

The PMU handpiece from Cheyenne will be your faithful and reliable companion!

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