Even inks with a high white content, which...

Pigment Accessories

Even inks with a high white content, which experience has shown to be very difficult to shake up, are dissolved after a few seconds of shaking in such a way that a few gentle shaking movements mix the pigments homogeneously.

The Vornado Ink Shaker comes from laboratory technology and is therefore designed for constant use and long life.
By pressing the bottom of the bottle out of the shaking pad, the mechanism is activated. This means that the device does not have to be operated in any other way, thus avoiding cross-contamination.

These ink caps from "The Inked Army" have an extra wide foot rim that prevents them from tipping over. They are therefore extra stable.
They are made of the popular orange-transparent plastic, which is also used for our BARREL Tips and Tubes.

Thanks to the practical, re-sealable dispenser box, the color caps are always at hand.


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