To keep your work surfaces & PMU...

Surface & Instrument Cleaning

To keep your work surfaces & PMU instruments always clean, here are the necessary cleaning agents.

Unigloves surface disinfection is used for prophylactic surface cleaning of non-invasive medical devices. The disinfectant is particularly suitable for surfaces which are sensitive to alcohol, such as acrylic glass.

The ready-to-use solution is applied undiluted from a distance of approx. 20 cm. With the enclosed spray head, a disinfectant foam is obtained, which is then sprayed onto the surface to be disinfected and then evenly distributed with a lint-free, undyed disposable cloth and allowed to act.
Care should be taken to ensure complete wetting.
Simply remove excess preparation with a disposable wipe.
To avoid streaking, the treated surfaces should be wiped with a damp disposable cloth at regular intervals.

The disinfectant solution may only be used for impregnating wipes compatible with the solution according to EN 16615. Different effects apply depending on the exposure time. These can be found on the label of the bottle.

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