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The Inked Army - you should definitely remember this name!
The The Inked Army products have been a staple of the tattoo business since 2010 and include an incredibly large assortment that includes everything a professional tattooist needs from today.
The range is growing and improving steadily.
From needle modules, grips, paint caps, stencil solution and cleaning agents, to clothing and much more.

The products of The Inked Army are best described as efficient, mature and reliable. The complete tattoo accessory was developed, tested and finally produced in collaboration with veterans in the tattoo scene and young, ambitious tattoo artists.

The goal of The Inked Army is and was from the beginning to equip tattoo artists with only the best tattoo equipment! As The Inked Army found deficiencies in some areas, they fiddled for a few years until they proudly and with a clear conscience brought the best tattoo accessories on the market!

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