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 Vertix Nano needles are among the...

Vertix Nano needles are among the most sophisticated permanent make-up needle modules on the market, with unique features not found in any other product of their kind.

Designed to meet the needs of even the most demanding artists, Vertix Nano Needle Modules are equipped with thinner needles than otherwise available on the market, making them particularly well suited for high-precision PMU treatments.

The tips of the Vertix Nano needle modules are slightly longer than usual and transparent; you can perfectly observe the pigment flow during work and play it safe if you want to change the needle position slightly.

Patented vents on both sides of the tip housing create a decompressing vacuum. This minimizes any paint splashing and ensures that the needle can be rinsed off optimally.

Vertix Nano needle modules are also equipped with a compliant safety membrane, which prevents pigment backflow and thus protects the motor of the PMU machine.
Vertix Nano needle modules have been expertly designed with quality in mind. Each needle module contains perfectly grouped needles made of Japanese surgical steel.

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