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Eyebrows have a huge impact on how we observe a face. Most...
What makes the eyeliner so famous? An eyeliner, if drawn...
Hair / scalps
Not everyone is naturally blessed with a full mane. Some people...
Red lips should be kissed. At least red and full lips are...
Skin & areola
Wounds heal, but scars stay a lifetime. That may happen, but it...


  For each area of applocation there...

For each area of applocation there exist different PMU pigments. Depending, if you want to embellish the facial part like the hairs or the body part like the skin, you will find diverse nuances of PMU pigments. Therefore, it is advisable to seach in the applications for the right permanent make-up pigments.

Selected brown tones offer a beautiful basis for permanent eyebrows. On the other hand, deep black pigments are ideal for conjuring permanent eyeliner on the eyelid. Red tones are popular colors for the lips. Cosmetic skin corrections can be treated with permanent make-up skin tones of any kind. In order to achieve a natural skin tone, we have a wide range of PMU colors.

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