A fully functional permanent make-up machine not only includes a good handpiece, but also a reliable power supply that provides the PMU machine with power. Which is also important is a high quality cable that has a long lifetime and guarantees an excellent connection between the PMU machine and its power supply. A non-slip foot switch that works perfectly with you PMU machine should be part of your basic equipment.

In our range we offer you a variety of different permanent make-up machines, that have been tested to ensure top performance and reliability. Thereby, you can achieve the most precise and natural results. In the area of permanent make-up, you will find excellent products from global market leaders, as well as PMU products produced by world-famous manufacturers for tattoo supplies. Well-known manufacturers are Cheyenne made in Germany, Equalizer made in Poland, Microbeau and FK Irons made in USA.

Only selected PMU machines, produced by the best companies, make it into our product range. In order to guarantee a smooth and safe working!

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