Most important for a good quality cosmetic tattoo, are sharp and sterile needles. To create precise and clean lines, a stabilizer and super-sharp microblades will help you. Permanent make-up needles that have been produced according to the highest quality standards, can be used to achieve realistic and accurate results.

Top manufacturers for permanent make-up needles are Glovcon, Kwadron, Venuelle PMU and Cheyenne. In our range, you will find suitable needle modules and PMU microblades made by these manufacturers. Depending on the area of application, you have the choice of thick and thin permanent make-up needles. These highly efficient PMU needles raise permanent make-up to a new level. Whether repigmentation of the finest hairs or precise lines, the PMU needle modules are true all-rounders.

Module cases made of medical plastic reduce friction between the needle and the module. This leads to a long life. The permanent make-up needle modules can be used with all common PMU machines.

If you want to achieve the best results, you cannot avoid these needles!