These microblading needles are suitable for...


These microblading needles are suitable for safe and sterile microblading treatment. They are extremely robust and accurately processed and therefore guarantee consistent quality throughout an entire microblading session.


In contrast to the conventional method using a permanent make-up device, in microblading, the manual method of permanent cosmetic treatment, the color is applied under the skin surface by hand using a microblading pen and a designated needle (blade).

With our microblading needles, the finest and most precise hair drawing is easily possible and amazingly natural results can be achieved.
The thin blades allow the drawing of defined lines without causing a large surface injury to the skin. Thus, the drawn hairs can be incorporated very cleanly and evenly.
Due to the small injury to the skin, the treatment is hardly painful, wound healing is very fast and the pigmentation remains very clear in the skin after healing.

The needles are beveled one after the other to get an even result.

The microblading needles are individually and sterilely packed.

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