What does type 5 mean?  
The term...

Type 5

What does type 5 mean?

The term "Type 5" is used to define the needle system or the needle connection (rear area of the needle module). Due to the wide variety of connection variants in the PMU sector, we have decided to divide the needles into categories for this purpose (e.g.: Type1, Type2,..).

Which needle type fits which machine type?

Needle type 5 is always compatible with machine type 5. The other types have exactly the same structure (needle type 6 compatible with machine type 6).

What is the difference between the needle types?

The connections (rear area of the needle module) of the needles usually differ in the type of connection, type of closure and in the Diameter.

-Type of connection (the needle module is inserted into or attached to the handpiece)
-type of closure (e.g.: click or screw method)
-Diameter (The diameter of the connection -> rear area of the needle module)

General information about our PMU needle modules:

In our range you will surely find the perfect size to draw wafer-thin hairs or thicker outlines. Please note that the Type5 hygiene modules are only suitable for Type5 handpieces.

It is very important to us to only offer you needle modules that have been manufactured under strict hygiene and quality standards. Consequently, all permanent make-up needle modules are sterile and individually packaged.