Our Conprota hygiene stations ensure maximum...

Hygiene Tower

Our Conprota hygiene stations ensure maximum hygiene in the PMU studio. Here you can provide disinfectant and more for your customers directly at the entrance. Whether trash bag holder or disinfectant wipes cans, we offer you the right configuration.

This innovative multifunctional station with folded towel dispenser stows paper towels ideally - always and everywhere! In addition, the hygiene station impresses with an integrated washing paste and garbage bag holder. Here, no wall mounting is required, because the towel dispenser is supported by a steel column and can thus be placed as desired and moved at any time. The towel dispenser can be mounted easily and quickly, without the use of dowels.

The Conprota folded towel dispenser not only ensures dry hands, but is also particularly hygienic. The paper towels can be efficiently removed individually, thus reducing consumption. Not only saves costs, but also has a sustainable effect on our environment.

A built-in viewing window provides a direct overview of the fill level. With the help of a safety key, the towel dispenser can be opened and filled in no time at all. The lock protects the towel dispenser and the folded towels inside from dust and water. Made of impact-resistant plastic, the dispenser from Conprota proves to be extremely robust and durable.

This towel dispenser is ideal for businesses such as offices, banks, industry, restaurants, hotels and schools, but also for domestic use. The included mounting material ensures your paper towel dispenser a firm and secure hold on the hygiene Station.

The Conprota folded towel dispenser is available separately in our store, as well as the paper towels for filling.


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